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Implementing Scrumban (Scrum + Kanban) Whitepaper Available (PDF)

I’ve been contemplating how to apply Kanban techniques at my work and found the concepts of Scrumban to be quite interesting. In Scrumban, the best of both techniques are combined into a methodology that provides visibility, flexibility and removes the … Continue reading

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Initiative Burndown Charts

(The following is an edited excerpt from my upcoming book: “The Product Owner Role Explained”.) When an initiative starts, there’s always interest in knowing when it will be completed. Certainly the Management team would want to know and the Product … Continue reading

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Guidelines for Developers when Demonstrating at Sprint Review Meetings

Sprint Review Meeting |sprint riˈvyo͞o ˈmētiNG| the assembly of the Scrum Team, at the end of every sprint, where the Developers demonstrate completed work to the Product Owner for acceptance. Usage: Let’s not be late for the Sprint Review Meeting. … Continue reading

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Splitting, Spawning or Combining Backlog Items

When a backlog item is first added to a product backlog, rarely will it be in its final form. At a minimum the user story (u/s) and acceptance criteria (a/c) will change as the Product Owner works on refining the … Continue reading

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How a Product Owner is Like an Air Traffic Controller

I was watching a television show recently about Air Traffic Controllers and how their job has evolved over time. It was interesting to note that their job has been basically the same since the beginning where they have to track … Continue reading

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How does a Developer Handle Spare Capacity Within a Sprint?

During a sprint planning meeting, the Developers select the number of backlog items they reasonably believe they can complete within the sprint. They do this knowing that while there are specialists on the team (e.g. Coders, Testers, DBAs, Graphics Artists, … Continue reading

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What are “Story Time” Meetings for?

Invariably, when I introduce the concept of a “Story Time” meeting to a Scrum Team, there’s always one or two members who give me a puzzled look. My explanation typically includes an acknowledgement that it’s a silly name but one … Continue reading

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