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Implementing Scrumban (Scrum + Kanban) Whitepaper Available (PDF)

I’ve been contemplating how to apply Kanban techniques at my work and found the concepts of Scrumban to be quite interesting. In Scrumban, the best of both techniques are combined into a methodology that provides visibility, flexibility and removes the … Continue reading

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5 Signs Scrum is Working in Your Organization

An organization’s switch to Scrum is really a journey, not a destination, so it’s hard to tell when you’ve arrived. In the beginning there will be many dramatic changes and over time the pace of process improvements will slow but … Continue reading

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When are Backlog Items “Sprint Ready”?

In Scrum, the Product Owner creates and maintains the Product Backlog which represents business needs in the form of backlog items. These items can be at various stages of refinement, generally with the vaguest ideas at the bottom and the … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned Managing Outsourced Scrum Teams

After an organization has successfully switched to Scrum and it needs to engage an outsourced Vendor for technical work, the Client will generally prefer that the Vendor also use Scrum. Scrum’s main benefits of transparency and repeated incremental delivery of … Continue reading

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Book: “Switching to Scrum” is now available!

I’m very pleased to announce that my latest book: Switching to Scrum How to Implement Scrum in your Software Development Organization is finally available for purchase at! Topics in this book include: Making key decisions and organizational messaging Utilizing … Continue reading

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Welcome Message

Welcome to the Switching to Scrum blog! This site was created for two purposes, first to advertise (shamelessly) my latest book by the same name and secondly to have a forum where I can share my experience with Project Management, … Continue reading

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